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Parent Council



Chairperson - Mrs Tavern

Secretary - Mrs Waugh   

Treasurer -  Ms Stewart

WHAT IS A PARENT COUNCIL? - A parent council is an elected body of parents, teachers and local community members who are interested in the well being of their local school.

WHAT DOES IT DO? - The principal aim of a parent council is to promote the involvement of parents and local communities in the provision of school education.
Along with headteachers and local authorities, Parent Councils share in the running of their school.

DOES THE PARENT COUNCIL HAVE RESPONSIBILITIES? - Parent Councils have a number of responsibilities:

  • to promote contact between school, parents and community, 
  • to find out parents views, 
  • to report to parents, 
  • to make documents relating to meetings available at school, 
  • to participate in the selection of senior staff 
  • To control school use out of school hours, 
  • To encourage community use of the school premises. 

WHO CAN GET INVOLVED? - All parents are member of the wider Parent Forum and as such are entitled to come along to any meeting. The Parent Council is always looking for parents and community members to take an active role in how their school is run.

WHAT WOULD I HAVE TO DO? - Parent Council members attend regular meetings about four times a year. They are invited to attend awards ceremonies or special events such as the school play.

HOW CAN I GET INVOLVED? - Contact the school.