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Our Aims

Our aims are developed and reviewed in collaboration with staff, pupils and parents. They reflect Falkirk Council Education Services’ flagship policy ‘Learning to Achieve’ which provides the framework on which our policy and practice are based.

School Aims:

1. Blackness Primary aims to provide a high quality service to pupils, parents and the community, working in partnership to foster positive relationships to the benefit of all.

2. Staff aim to work as a team to share responsibility for the effective leadership of learning and teaching and school improvement, ensuring that the most effective use is made of all the school’s resources.

3. We aim to work in partnership with parents and other agencies to identify and meet the health needs of the whole school and wider community, in particular to develop and support the physical, social, spiritual, mental and emotional health and well-being of all young people and staff

Specifically, we aim to help our young people become:

4. Successful Learners by:

i. providing a broad and balanced curriculum that gives young people the best possible learning opportunities, matched to their needs and abilities

ii. ensuring that every young person enjoys equality of access to these educational opportunities regardless of social or economic background, ethnicity, religion or physical / intellectual abilities

iii. providing high quality learning and teaching experiences, using a variety of teaching approaches and relevant

resources that will enable our young people to enjoy their education and develop positive attitudes to learning

iv. promoting and recognising achievement and excellence, to encourage all young people to reach their maximum potential

v. ensuring that staff skills are kept up to date through a programme of continuous professional development

5. Effective Contributors by:

equipping young people with the foundation skills, attitudes and expectations needed to prosper in a changing society

6. Confident Individuals by:

i. providing effective support systems for all young people that promote their personal and social development, build self-esteem and self-worth

ii. encouraging creativity and ambition

iii. ensuring effective pastoral care, where each young person is known as an individual

iv ensuring that all young people are able to experience a calm, positive and safe learning environment that promotes good behaviour, self – discipline, respect for others, tolerance of others’ views and an appreciation of people and the environment

7. Responsible Citizens by:

developing the values, beliefs and attitudes compatible with living in a modern, democratic and multicultural society

providing opportunities to take part in the decision making process